Our specialty is parts manufacturing and fixture assembly.
We know that each individual part fit, form, and function is key to your product reliability and your company’s success. A&M is knowledgeable and flexible so engineering, designs, modifications and custom work move quickly.

Our shop offers:

  • Wide diversity in shop equipment and machine inventory.
  • CNC parts fabrication and plasma cutting services.
  • Expert welders.
  • Castings.
  • Acrylic lens molding and fabrication.
  • Expert lighting fixture fabrication and assembly with energy saving technology – LED + Fluorescent.
  • Full in-house Powder Coating Services with 16′ oven.

Some industries we support:

  • Cabinet
  • Electrical
  • Furniture
  • Home Security
  • Lighting
  • Lamp Shade
  • Material Handling
  • Sign
  • Safes
  • Building Construction / Remodel


Shop & Office Location:

A&M Sculpted Metals Inc.
1781 Indiana St. Los Angeles, CA 90063
PH: (323) 263-2221
Fax: (323) 263-2226